Bali hut finally getting repaired

24 09 2012

After several visits from insurance company building assessors, structural engineers, etc. and after being refused our insurance claim for fixing the Bali hut that was damaged in the June storms (no, I’m NOT happy with CGU insurance as this was a Shire-approved structure yet the insurance company says it wasn’t designed properly in the first place!), we’re finally getting it repaired and secured permanently.

The repairs are going to cost us nearly as much as the original structure cost to build six years ago (according to the building info submitted to the Shire back then)…

Here are some ‘in progress’ photos:

The main work is to replace the short bolts holding the poles into the stirrups with REALLY BIG bolts (see the photo with my shoe in the picture), replace the steel frame with a stronger wood laminate roof frame and tie these beams to the rafters, and then add bracing from the poles to the wood laminate roof frame.




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22 07 2016

hi, do u have before pictures ? and what did they need to see or here from you in order to accept liability ? i have one as well needing repair. so i need to be aware of what they might ask.

22 07 2016


This was from storm damage. Info on the storm (with a photo of the structure immediately afterwards — you can see that there are no bracing pieces) is here:, and the temporary fix they did prior to the final fix is here:


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