2012 FMQ Challenge: March

31 03 2012

Well, this was a rushed job! After spending more than half of March in the US, I got home to a new computer, so last weekend was spent installing apps and data (still more to do, but most is now done). Today I should have been in the garden as the weather is so nice for gardening — not too hot, cool breeze, fine. But I knew that it was March 31 and the last day to submit my practice piece for March in the 2012 FMQ Challenge.

So here it is. Very rushed (about 10 minutes total) and just a tiny practice piece. I tried out some of my new Isocord thread (it flows REALLY well in my Sweet Sixteen), and kept the variegated blue from February’s challenge piece in the bobbin. Not ideal, but this WAS a practice piece! The Isocord thread I used was a fluoro lime, so I tried it on a green background and on the last remnant of the blue silky fabric I had from 30+ years ago! I quite like the contrasting effect on the blue.

The March challenge from Ann Fahl involved four designs: a loopy stipple (right), a loopy stipple with stars and hearts (middle), a spiral (left), and a spiral morphing into flowers (on the blue fabric).






5 responses

31 03 2012

Looking good Rhonda

31 03 2012

I love the flowers against the blue fabric. Beautiful. Is a Sweet Sixteen a 16″ throat?

1 04 2012

Hi Barb

The Sweet Sixteen is the HandiQuilter sit down quilting machine — a mid-arm, not a long-arm. Yes, it has a 16″ throat, but it’s definitely NOT a domestic sewing machine. There’s more here: https://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/my-very-own-bee/


1 04 2012

Beautiful work Rhonda! I’m so jealous…my sewing machine hasn’t been removed from its travel case since leaving QA. Hoping to carve out some time next week. LOVED reading about your trip to Memphis and stay at the Peabody!

13 12 2012

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