They breed ’em big in Texas!

7 03 2012

And that includes the insects….

Here’s one of the ‘friendly’ gnats that are hanging around New Braunfels, TX this time of year.

Big gnat

Fortunately, they don’t bite, so while they look like an over-sized mosquito, they don’t have the power of mosquitoes to carry nasty diseases… or so I’ve been told!



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7 03 2012

That’s not a gnat! That’s a daddy long legs (at least that’s what it looks like). They are harmless and actually, you want them around as they eat the smaller insects (such as gnats)!

8 03 2012

It’s a gnat. It had wings. It flew. Last I knew, spiders didn’t fly! 😉

8 03 2012

Certain daddy long legs have wings and can fly!

8 03 2012

The locals call it a ‘Galley nipper’, but it’s really a crane fly:

Not a Daddy Long legs!

16 03 2012
Alyssa Fox

We call them mosquito hawks here in Houston (same thing as crane fly). They’re big, but harmless.

Here is what we call a daddy long legs:

I think they are much nastier than the mosquito hawks. 🙂

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