Not often you see this in February

6 02 2012

February is the height of summer here in Western Australia. High temperatures; strong, dry easterly winds; extreme fire danger; total fire bans (including any hot work, BBQs etc.). Or, if you live further north, cyclones (destructive winds, flooding, etc.).

FESA is the agency that coordinates all the emergency responses and alerts the public to anything they need to be aware of. They have a web page where all the latest alerts are posted, and I have it bookmarked as it’s a site I check regularly. This web page is updated every 5 minutes, so if you are in danger, you have the latest information on which to act. Since November, there’s always been SOMETHING on the alerts page — I live in a big state, after all. (BTW, there’s an Android app and probably an iPhone/iPad app for FESA alerts so you can get the latest alerts on the go.)

But today — 6 February, slap bang in the middle of summer, fire season, and cyclone season — there was nothing!

It’s not often you see that!

Nothing to report

Wow! FESA has nothing to report! That's a relief.



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