Qantas flights: Sydney direct to Dallas

14 09 2011

I have to keep looking this up, so figured I’d add it to my blog so I knew where the answer was!

I’m investigating flights from Australia to Memphis and a viable option is the Sydney to Dallas non-stop flight (QF7). However, the flight only leaves four times a week and I keep forgetting which days, so here they are:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

All flights leave SYD at 15:40 (3:40 pm) Sydney time and arrive at DFW at 13:50 (1:50 pm) on the same day. The flight is about 15 hours, which saves at least an hour or so because you don’t have to stop in Los Angeles, go through Customs and Immigration, wait for a couple of hours and possibly go to another terminal, then go through another security check before getting on the 3+ hour flight to DFW.

Coming back, the flight (QF8) is from DFW non-stop to Brisbane NOT Sydney. It leaves at 22:00 (10 pm) on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and arrives TWO days later at 05:15 (5:15 am), with a total flight time of around 16 hours. You then connect from Brisbane to whichever Australian city you’re going to.

(Details from the Qantas website site and accurate on the date of this blog post)



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23 10 2011

By the time of Writers UA, the frequency may likely be more (higher? greater?). I think Qantas has recently announced this flight will go to 5 days/week at some point, and 7 days/week by late 2012?? Can’t remember exact dates, but more frequent than 4 days/week!

24 10 2011

Thanks Kirsty

My flights are already booked now. Unless Qantas change my existing booked dates of flights, they’ll be staying the same.

If they’re putting on more flights, it sounds like this flight is a good option for Qantas. Anything to avoid LAX if you’re headed to mid west or east coast, is good as far as I’m concerned!


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