What’s up with Australia Post?

5 09 2011

I’m getting more and more disillusioned with Australia Post. In the past few weeks, I’ve been expecting several packages to arrive, but to date, only three have turned up.

  • Package 1 from my client in Perth — sent at the end of July/early August to my PO Box near Bunbury, some 90 mins from Perth. Has never arrived.
  • Package 2 from a supplier on eBay based in Sydney — arrived in about a week.
  • Package 3 from a supplier in Virginia, USA who I’ve purchased from several times before — two packages sent 3 August, one (clearly labelled ‘Pack 2 of 2’) turned up 5 September; the other is still to arrive… arrived sometime between 6 and 8 September.
  • Package 4 from another eBay supplier in Sydney — sent 19 August via Australia Post. Not yet arrived. Supplier sent replacement package (at no cost to me) on 8/9 September — that arrived sometime between 13 and 16 September.
  • Package 5 from my client in Perth — replaced Package 1 that never turned up; sent from Perth by ‘overnight’ Australian Air Express on 1 September. Arrived at post office 6 September. It takes 5 days to travel 90 mins??? Sure, two of those were weekend days, but ‘overnight’ is meant to mean overnight!

I’ve spent several hours via email, phone calls, and hanging at the PO counter trying to find out where these other packages are.

And back in April, I ordered a package from Sydney. It was sent on April 13, but it didn’t arrive until late June! Meantime, I’d contacted the people and got a refund after they determined that the package was signed for at my PO on 21 April, but NOT BY ME. I had to scan my signature from my drivers license and they had to find the signature in Australia Post’s system to confirm that I hadn’t signed for it. A lot of phone calls and running around on our respective ends.

Not good enough, Australia Post. Parcels are your biggest business these days. I’ll start using other (private) services if you continue to stuff up.

Update: Package 6 from my client in Perth — sent 13 September, arrived on or before 16 September. How this one even got to me is surprising. The person who sent it to the client’s mail room for posting stuck a Post-It note on it with my address. The mail room didn’t remove it, tape it down or replace it with a more substantial label. The parcel arrived with the Post-It note still attached — it was the only identification on the parcel. Amazing.



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5 09 2011

Oh no! The household is expecting over a dozen packages over the next 6 weeks or so, and I’ve been applying blind faith to the hope that they will all arrive. But we’ve had misdeliveries and outright fraud here too 😦

15 07 2013

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