Eighty cubic metres

16 07 2011

Yes, eighty — 80 — cubic metres of mulch (tree bark) was the amount required to cover our entire garden to a depth of about 2 cm! We have about an acre, but with the space taken up by lawn, hardstand, shed and house, I’d guess there is less than half an acre of garden.

Three truckloads had to be delivered — and no, we didn’t spread it. Two guys, a bobcat, and a wheelbarrow took close to a working week (8 hour days) to spread it all out. If I’d had to do it, I’d still be going until 2020!

The pictures below show the delivery of the first load only — some 35 cubic metres. There were two more deliveries like this…

Mulch at the front of the block -- first load

Mulch at the front of the block -- first load


 Mulch at the back -- first load

Mulch at the back -- first load


First truck load

First truck load

The garden already had tree bark mulch, but I think it was laid before the house was built (i.e. more than 4 years ago), and it was getting a bit thin and weathered in places (as you can see from the picture above).

The garden looks great now! And we got it all done in time for summer — hopefully the water retention will be improved dramatically.

All done

All done






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