Crisp autumn mornings

27 05 2011

I try to go for a walk a few times a week, especially now that the weather has cooled down and the mornings are crisp and clear. Sometimes I only go as far as the estuary (about 1 km round trip), but last Saturday morning I did the loop to the estuary, alongside it for about 1 km, then back home — about a 3 km walk on roads and walking/bike paths.

I took my camera with me last Saturday as I needed some photos of trees for a quilt retreat I’m attending in a few weeks time. I got trees, plus lots more! Black swans (in the distance and flying overhead), blue herons, cows… even a camel!

Yes, a camel. I call him ‘Humphrey’ (if you’re old enough, you might remember the novelty song ‘Humphrey the camel’). Usually Humphrey is hard to spot as he lives in a big paddock with cattle, and I might be lucky to see him in the distance. Not so last Saturday — Humphrey was right up near the road, eating grass on the other side of the fence — where it’s always greener!

I’ve just put a couple of pictures from my walk here:

Click on a thumbnail image to open it larger, then click that image to zoom in even further.



3 responses

27 05 2011

I saw “autumn” and thought… wait! Are you having MY weather? 🙂

BTW, one hump or two… one hump is a dromedary, isn’t it? Or is it opposite when you’re in the opposite hemisphere? 😉

28 05 2011

Pedantic little miss, aren’t we? 😉 Yes, a one-humped camel is a dromedary and a two-humped camel is a bactrian. They are both camels, just different species. (Wikipedia has this: There are two species of camels: the dromedary or Arabian camel has a single hump, and the bactrian has two humps.)

29 05 2011

Lol. Um, what exactly is my job/career again? 🙂

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