More quilts from that one jelly roll

27 05 2011

I’ve finally made the last two quilts from the one jelly roll of fabric I got at the Eleanor Burns Quilting Academy (here’s the first and largest quilt I made:

The last two are smaller — one is a lap quilt about 36 inches (93 cm) square, and the other is a gender-neutral cot/crib quilt. Again, I’ve quilted them densely. I was particularly pleased with the feathers I did in the border of the lap quilt –I really like the method for doing these that I’ve learned from the Diane Gaudynski book. And I love the rubber ducky backing fabric!

Both quilts (and the larger lap quilt) are now for sale in my Etsy store, where there are more pictures:

Crisp autumn mornings

27 05 2011

I try to go for a walk a few times a week, especially now that the weather has cooled down and the mornings are crisp and clear. Sometimes I only go as far as the estuary (about 1 km round trip), but last Saturday morning I did the loop to the estuary, alongside it for about 1 km, then back home — about a 3 km walk on roads and walking/bike paths.

I took my camera with me last Saturday as I needed some photos of trees for a quilt retreat I’m attending in a few weeks time. I got trees, plus lots more! Black swans (in the distance and flying overhead), blue herons, cows… even a camel!

Yes, a camel. I call him ‘Humphrey’ (if you’re old enough, you might remember the novelty song ‘Humphrey the camel’). Usually Humphrey is hard to spot as he lives in a big paddock with cattle, and I might be lucky to see him in the distance. Not so last Saturday — Humphrey was right up near the road, eating grass on the other side of the fence — where it’s always greener!

I’ve just put a couple of pictures from my walk here:

Click on a thumbnail image to open it larger, then click that image to zoom in even further.