Rampaging spinach!

14 11 2010

Because of my recent shoulder surgery, I haven’t been into the garden for a few weeks. But this weekend I made some progress. I pruned the overhanging vegetation from the fence line (not too much, thank goodness, as I keep it pretty much under control — otherwise doing the perimeter of an acre would be a nightmare); shredded the hard cuttings and put the mulch back on to the garden; and binned the rest (the shredder doesn’t like palm fronds). That was Saturday.

Today (Sunday) it was time to tackle the vege garden where I’d noticed that the spinach plants (Swiss chard and rainbow chard) had transformed themselves into Triffids! They’d all gone to flower and had sprouted up to fence height (6 ft). I removed the flower heads and binned them (I have ENOUGH spinach plants that pop up from nowhere — I sure don’t want more!), then I cut all the leaves off the remaining stalks and threw them over the shredded paper I’d put down on the soil in the vege garden. Hopefully the slaters, soil bacteria and fungi will do their job and break down the paper and the leaves, helping the soil for whatever gets planted or pops up next.

Meantime, the potato plants that sprouted all over winter and that I thought had finished producing (they all died off) have started sprouting again, so it looks like I’ll have a continual crop of potatoes (not that we eat many).



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