No design wall? Improvise!

28 11 2010

I don’t have a design wall for laying out my quilting designs, so today I improvised for a quilt that I’ve designed. The design looked good on paper, but until I cut out the fabrics and pinned them up, I didn’t know whether it would work.

Fortunately, my sewing room (an ex-bedroom) has a wardrobe door that opens into the room, directly opposite the entry door. I swung both doors fully open, put a skirt hanger over the top of each, and strung a large piece of quilter’s muslin between them (a sheet would work too). Voila! Instant design wall!

Unfortunately, I can’t show you pics of the design as it’s part of a challenge and the ladies involved in the challenge read this blog occasionally. We’re meant to keep it all ‘secret squirrel’! 😉

Suffice to say, my improvised design wall worked well. I laid out my fabrics, shifted some around, then took pictures of the layout so I can pull down the fabrics and know where each is to go in the finished piece.




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