Fair’s fair

26 03 2010

I caught a very full flight from Seattle to Los Angeles today. There were many announcements pre-boarding and when we were on the aircraft about how the plane was totally full and how all large carry-ons should go in the overhead lockers with smaller carry-ons put under the seat in front of us. The attendants even gave instructions on the best way to maximise space by telling us how to put our wheeled carry-ons into the overhead locker. All good so far and pretty much everyone seemed to be doing the right thing, with some even helping others sort out the limited overhead space to get the most out of it.

So what sort of d*ickhead was the guy (in his 50s no less) who sat in Row 14 but decided to dump one of his bags into the overhead lockers in Row 10 on his way down to Row 14? The Row 10 people then had less room to put their stuff.

Not fair. Rude. Selfish bastard. These were some of the words that sprang to mind… I won’t repeat the other words I thought of!



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27 03 2010

Unfortunately, inconsiderate, rude young jerks usually don’t outgrow their bad manners. They just grow up to be inconsiderate, rude middleaged or old bald jerks!

28 03 2010
Char James-Tanny

On one of the legs of my trip home, the attendant asked everyone who put a bag in the overhead toward the front of the plane where they were sitting. If they weren’t sitting in one of the rows under the bin, she made them remove their bag.

I loved it 🙂 And I wish all airlines would do that!

29 03 2010

I’d have applauded that!

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