Wine racks have arrived!

11 03 2010

Some 6 weeks after we ordered and paid for them, the wine racks we wanted have arrived and been bolted to the dining room wall. Now we have to fill them! It’s too hot today to go lugging wine cases from the shed, but be assured that we will fill a lot of this rack with wine we already have  😉

For those wanting capacity, each rack takes 12 cases (144 bottles) + 12 bottles across the top. So that makes a total capacity of 26 cases (272 bottles). My husband’s intention is to stack them like the stores — each vertical column will contain one case and the display bottle at the top will tell us what’s in that column.

BTW, we got the racks from Howards Storage World.



2 responses

8 06 2010
house garden

That’s a simple and effective wine rack.

22 10 2011
Wine racks are full « At Random

[…] the heat and humidity, my husband got to and packed the wine into the wine racks after one of the tradesmen kindly bolted them to the […]

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