Christmas gift blocks

28 12 2009

My friend Bobbie gave me some of her sample quilt blocks made when she was doing workshops and had an online store for her patterns. They were all in colours that I love and that she doesn’t! Bobbie’s very much a autumnal, country girl when it comes to colours, whereas I like brights (ya think?!). So as part of her Christmas gift to me, she passed along the blocks. I’ve now made them into plate mats and coasters, and they’re now for sale from my Etsy store (Bobbie will get half the proceeds!). I also added a few things I made a week or two ago in a fabulous chilli print fabric — oven mitts and bookmarks made from the remaining fabric I used for the oven mitts.

Here’s a screen shot of the latest additions — the seven quilt blocks of Bobbie’s are at the top:



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