First-ever craft fair tomorrow

4 12 2009

I have a booth in our local Christmas craft fair tomorrow. It’ll be my first-ever time displaying my wares at a craft fair, so it’s exciting and a bit scary too, as I don’t know what to expect — except sore feet! It’s meant to be very hot (~37C; 100F) tomorrow and as I’ll be standing much of the day, I think my poor feet will cop a hammering.

There’s a lot of things to take to set up the stall, and of course, having never done it before, I don’t know if I’ve gone overboard or will have forgotten something. Only time will tell.

I also don’t know whether the 100 or so items I have to sell is too few or too many! If I get five customers like my friend from the other day, I’ll be cleaned out of stock! She bought 13 bookmarks, 12 luggage tags, 2 journal covers, and a table mat (not on Etsy).

The fair goes from 9AM to 4PM and we’ve been told not to pack up before 4PM. But what if all my stock is sold before then??? Of course, that might be wishful thinking, ‘cos the other side of my brain says what if nothing sells?

Only time will tell… There’s only one certainty — my feet aren’t looking forward to tomorrow at all. I don’t deal well in the heat, and this is an indoor venue with no air conditioning, though I think there are ceiling fans way up high near the old hall’s ceiling. With 35 stall holders and who knows how many customers, I doubt the ceiling fans will do anything more than move a few motes of dust around.