It’s snowing… in Seattle… in April

2 04 2009
Snow falling in Seattle in April

Snow falling in Seattle in April

And no, that’s not an April Fool’s Day joke! I went up to the room suite during the mid-morning break and saw snow flakes dropping past the window. Seriously. I then thought that maybe they were up this high (40+ floors), but at ground level they would be gone. Nope. When I got to the next session (on the 4th floor) the snow was still coming down. It doesn’t appear to be accumulating on the ground, so I expect it’s melting pretty much straight away.

And right now at 12:30pm it’s still coming down (though more lightly now).

But it IS snowing. In Seattle. In April. Sheesh.



2 responses

6 04 2009

Hallo to the worthy Sandgroper

Cool picture — it definitely captures that grey cold day in Seattle. This worm was there too and can vouch for the weird snow effect. I reckon my book was but a tad less comfortable than your room suite 🙂

I hope the Australian weather is treating you a bit better.
Yours affectionately
Wordsworm, the Travelling Worm

6 04 2009

I just realised — a sandgroper is a variety of worm too! Yay!

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