29 03 2009

My good friend Char was waiting at baggage claim when I arrived in Seattle late this afternoon. Her flight from Boston (via Denver) had got in about 15 to 30 minutes before mine and we’d agreed ages ago to share a ride into town. What we didn’t expect until a few days ago, was that the ride would be provided by Chuck, the conference’s official photographer and all round nice guy!

Chuck’s number plate is great “User1st” (user first); he drove up from San Francisco yesterday and was happy to wait in the cell phone carpark for us both to arrive (they have a car park just off the SeaTac airport for those picking up loved ones; as far as I know they don’t charge for it and it keeps the access points from being clogged by people circling looking for their party — an EXCELLENT idea). Chuck dropped us off at The Westin in town which is where the conference is being held.

Thanks Chuck!



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