Celebrity spotting 2

28 03 2009

I drove down to Carlsbad today to do some shopping stimulate the US economy at the outlet mall there. I took Pacific Coast Highway from Corona Del Mar to Dana Point as I hadn’t been on that bit before. Pretty drive. And pretty enough to do it again on the return journey.

Laguna Beach was busy coming back — it was a 75F+ day in Southern California today, with clear blue skies, and quite a few people  were braving the beach. I saw a few bikini tops and board shorts walk by while sitting in the slow traffic (for West Aussies, think of Marine Parade in Cottesloe, multiple it by 4 lanes of traffic, and 10+ times as long… in the middle of summer).

Anyhow, while I was coming into Laguna Beach on the return journey one of those BIG American chopper motorbikes went by in the opposite direction… and I realised who was riding it. I’m pretty sure it was the father (Paul?) from the TV ‘reality’ series American Chopper! The one with the big white moustache. His bike looked really cool, but it looked a sod of a thing to ride with those handlebars up so high. If it wasn’t him, whoever it was was doing a darn good impersonation.



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