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24 03 2009

The first part of the journey is over — I made it to Perth despite quite a lot of roadworks along the way. The next step is the flight to Melbourne, due to depart in less than an hour. I stay overnight tonight at the hotel at Melbourne Airport, then fly to Los Angeles arriving some 4 hours before I leave! đŸ˜‰

On Saturday, after a couple of days with my uncle and doing some shopping, I fly to Seattle for the conference and to catch up with ‘all me mates’!

Update: The flight from Perth to Melbourne was smooth and, despite leaving 10 mins late, we arrived 5 minutes before the scheduled time. It took only 25 minutes from touching down to getting inside the hotel room! Then I immediately left the room as the smell of cigarette smoke was overpowering. Some 10 mins later and I was in a new room across the hall — one that had no odour. By then it was well after midnight, and after a fitful night’s sleep, the alarm woke me at 7:00am (5:00am Perth time!). I’m currently in the Qantas Lounge at Melbourne Airport, waiting for the flight to LA.

Oh, one other thing. The flight over was uneventful, but the meal was atrocious. It was served 2 hours into a 3 hour 10 minute flight (why so late? the meal was on board as were the passengers, and the flight left at 6:20pm), and the beef tenderloin I had, while tender, was overcooked and grey. The green string beans were also a lovely shade of grey, and the sliced potatoes (which I think were meant to be in a creamy sauce) were burnt on the edges. It would have to be the worst meal I’ve ever had on Qantas — in Business or Economy class (and I was in Business last night). The only redeeming thing was the wine — an Icely Rd Sangiovese from Mayfield Vineyard, Orange, NSW. Very nice. Very smooth. And the female steward who was bubbly and friendly.



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28 03 2009
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[…] potatoes — like last night’s meal coming over from Perth but WAY more palatable (I wrote earlier about that horrible meal on the Perth to Melbourne flight). Voyager Estate […]

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