A fish called… Rhonda!

4 12 2008

Back in September when I left a major project, Sarah P, one of my colleagues in the Brisbane-based company, said she was going to get a fish for her desk and call it Rhonda! A fish called Rhonda… get it? (guess you have to be a certain age where you remember the movie ‘A fish called Wanda’!)

Anyhow, she has FINALLY sent me a photo of Rhonda (who is a ‘he’ by the way, so some in the office call him ‘Ron’). Sarah reckons whenever anyone asks its name, she says ‘Rhonda’ and they say ‘Perth Rhonda?’ so I guess some of them still remember me. 😉 (and no, I have NO idea why there’s some space-suited figure with a ray gun hanging over the side of the fishbowl!)

A fish called Rhonda

A fish called Rhonda

Update, 2 June 2011: I just heard from Sarah P that Rhonda passed away last night. 😦 He will be buried in her backyard in Queensland, under the poinsiana tree, next to the guinea pig, so he’ll be doing a little bit towards improving the environment.