Hey Wiii-lll-mmm-aaa!

12 10 2008

I had an interesting weekend – some good, some very sad. Will write on that later, perhaps in a day or so.

Meantime, we were coming back from where we’d been this weekend and I saw a dead kangaroo on the side of the road and said something like “dead boomer” or “big boomer”. My husband thought I’d said “Wilma”! So all afternoon on the drive back home we called every dead roo “Wilma”.

Guess you had to be there. But I think that “Wilma” will become part of our shorthand to each other from now on.

Watch out for branches!

2 10 2008

Resource companies are really strict about safety—as they should be. And because most are located in very remote areas of our big state and country, accessing exploration and mine sites requires a four wheel drive vehicle and driving on some very rough tracks… where they exist.

So it was no surprise that a resource company’s incident notification email is doing the rounds of staff at other resource companies. Here’s the essence—I think the picture tells the story!

Here's what happened

Here’s what happened
Too bad if there was a passenger in the vehicle

Too bad if there was a passenger in the vehicle

Knights in shining armour

2 10 2008

It’s been a hectic week workwise, so I’m only now getting around to blogging about the long weekend just gone. I did the Japanese Meshwork workshop on the Saturday, then I had the craft group afternoon up at the estate on Sunday afternoon where Bobbie taught two of us some patchwork piecing basics. This was good—it’s been 20+ years since I did any patchwork/quilting classes, so while I do this hobby for my own enjoyment, I really don’t know the best practices I should be following. We started work on a ‘Blankets of Love‘ quilt each.

On Monday, we took a drive on a big loop along Channybearup Rd (south of Manjimup), around the back of Pemberton, and back through to the Southwest Highway. Channybearup Rd was interesting—I’d heard that Manjimup grew a lot of the state’s avocados but had never seen an avocado tree on any of our trips down that way. That’s ‘cos they were hiding out along Channybearup Rd! Thousands of avocado trees, from brand new ones to well-established ones. And some vineyards thrown in too.

We stopped in at Knights Distillery. I’d heard good things about the liqueurs they were producing there, and I’m pleased to say that my information source was absolutely correct! We tasted some FABULOUS liqueurs, and even bought some of our favourites. It would have been easy to buy one of each, though the bank manager might not have been happy with that!

The ones we purchased were Arabian Knights (cream liqueur with chocolate and Turkish Delight flavours), Frosty Knight (chocolate mint cream liqueur), Mid Knight (coffee liqueur), and Regal Knight (the house specialty). We also bought some home-made chocolates, filled with various liqueurs, and scoffed off all eight of them after dinner that night!

So, how do you do a liqueur tasting when you’re driving out and about? They had these tiniest little shot glasses that probably held not much more than a thimble full. And the guy behind the counter pours a tiny amount, enough to come maybe 5 mm up the side of these little glasses. So you get the taste without too much alcohol. He did say, however, not to drive after eating six of the chocolates as that equivalent to one standard drink! The minimum alcohol content of the liqueurs is 20%, with the Regal Knight and the schnapps varieties at 37%.