Free issues of Down Under Quilts magazine

24 09 2008

You can get a free 6-month subscription to the electronic version of Down Under Quilts, the Australian quilting magazine.

Just go to The Quilt Mouse ( then scroll to the bottom of home page and click the link. You only have to enter an email address and you’ll get access to past issues and a free sub for the next 6 months.

BTW, this is my friend Bobbie’s website. It’s been revamped recently—her son set it up for her using Joomla, and her daughter did the graphics. It was their Christmas present to her last year, but was longer in the making than they’d all expected. But it’s up now, and you can even see one of the quilts I’ve made with Bobbie’s blocks in the Photo Gallery.

What did I start?

24 09 2008

I popped into the fabric store yesterday to see if my new machine might be here by the weekend in time for the workshop. It won’t, so I’ll have to borrow one.

While I was there, the owner said there was this guy who’d seen my Dragonfly quilt in the window (she’s displaying it in the store for a while) and wants to commission me to make a single bed quilt! She indicated that the price would be high—over $1000—but it seems he gave her his number for me to contact him anyway.

Arrgghh! I’ve got his phone number, but haven’t called him yet. I don’t have the time to make it—unless he’s prepared to wait 12 months—and I’m really not confident in my ‘art’ quilt skills as the Dragonfly was my first effort of designing and creating something myself. And if it had all gone pear-shaped, it wouldn’t have mattered. It seems he wants a particular butterfly, so I’m guessing that it’s for a daughter, especially as it’s a single bed size.

And the store owner also mentioned that some ladies were wondering if I did a lesson or workshop on how to make a quilt like that.

What have I started?