Site for parents raising kids

3 07 2008

I was trawling through some old ‘sent’ emails in an vain attempt to delete some of my thousands of accumulated emails, when I came across this one I sent out a couple of years ago.

A chap I’ve recently done some work for has been asked to do some work for these people: It’s a site for parents all about raising kids. It works on the principle of free advice, word of mouth hints/ideas, etc., not advice about parenting from “the experts”.

Just thought those of you with kids may appreciate this resource.

I just checked and the website still exists and seems to be pretty active. There are some 6500 questions and pieces of advice, all ranked according to their usefulness to the readers; some 8000 questions; and some 25,500 members.

Not being a parent, I have no clue as to whether the advice is sound or not!



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