Pirates of the Caribbean 3

28 06 2007

We had to go to Bunbury yesterday to get the annual rustproofing treatment done on our cars. This was a 2+ hour job, so we decided to spend the ‘wait’ time at the local cinema. The Tint-A-Car people drove us to the cinema complex and picked us up, which was good of them!

My husband wanted to see “Pirates 3” and my preference was “Shrek 3”, so we agreed to go our separate ways. However, we both ended up in “Pirates” but only because the session we turned up for was a “Mum and bubs” session for “Shrek” and I couldn’t have coped with a theatre full of squealing and screaming kids, aged 2 to 6.

I hadn’t seen the other “Pirates” so I was a bit concerned that I may not get the storyline as easily as someone who had. Storyline? What storyline?

Seriously though, I enjoyed it! It was a rollicking good romp through some very unlikely situations, but, as with any movie, you should suspend belief and reality as you walk in the door (something I’ve always had problems with… must be the tech writer in me). I thought Johnny Depp was fantastic as Jack Sparrow; Geoffrey Rush was so suited to the weatherbeaten and well-worn pirate character he played; and Keith Richards… well, what can you say about Keif, except that he fitted the part like a glove! But I think my favourite character was the monkey – however, there just wasn’t enough of him.

When we came out, we had some lunch at Mojos in Bunbury, then the storm hit. Wild wind and rain, which didn’t abate the whole 90 minute trip back. All up we got 43mm of rain yesterday (just under 2″ in the old language), which was a well-needed drop for the farmers and the dams. It’s already the end of June and we’ve only had 93mm out of an average 146mm for the month. There’s still two days to go, but I doubt we’ll come anywhere close to the average. And for the whole year so far, we’ve had just under 280mm compared to the mean for the first 6 months of 360mm. Not good.



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29 06 2007

If you like the monkey, you see a lot more of him in the first installment of this trilogy.

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