Last week

20 11 2006

Bit of a funny week last week. There was the preparation for the home open on Saturday (most of which was done on Saturday morning); one of my remoter clients was down from Darwin and we spent all Thursday going through stuff (and Wednesday night with him at the local Indian restaurant [Suriyen]); then on Saturday afternoon we walked to the revamped Karalee Tavern in Como for lunch while the house was open; friends popped by unexpectedly in the afternoon to look at the house; then on Saturday night we went to the Ten Ten Kitchen for a meal with some other friends, followed by some Texas Hold’ Em poker.

And all through Thurdsay, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we heard the mosquito buzzing of the planes in the Red Bull Air Race that was held in Perth on Sunday. Following the race, the streets around our house were gridlocked for a while (a bit like the Skyshow, except during the day), but I did notice a Jaguar and a Mercedes stop and take a good long look at the “for sale” sign outside the house. Maybe???

So, it was a busy week. Oh, and the hubby is back swimming again, and is already up to 1500m!

Home Open

20 11 2006

We had our first “home open” on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed as the agent said only 5 groups came through. But on the other side, only ONE family will buy this house… maybe they just haven’t seen it yet. Even if 200 came through (unlikely, even at the height of the boom!), only one could buy. So I’m vacilating between being ambivalent and disappointed.

There was a lot of work done to put things in cupboards etc. for the “home open”. It’s quite stressful, yet exciting and scary too.