Some good news yesterday

6 10 2006

After more than a year since we put a deposit down on the block of land down south that we want to build on, I finally got a call yesterday from the real estate agent letting us know that titles should be released within 2 weeks. Yippee! Once we get that bit of paper we can start REALLY thinking about designs and planning and all that stuff… soil surveys, site surveys, architects/designers/builders, sustainable and accessible housing, and so on. We have no illusions about the building process and the time it is likely to take (probably around 2 years), and we’re very aware that building in the country is going to cost more than building a similar house in the city. But it’s what we want to do and where we want to live. And it was nice to get some good news after the stresses and angst of the past few months (a subject for some other time).

However, there is one fly in the ointment… Two weeks ago we found out that a developer has put in an application to the Shire to build a gravel quarry within sight and sound of our property! We are not happy about this on SO many levels, and have lodged our objection with the Shire, and every politician and environmental authority we can think of.



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13 08 2007
No quarry « At Random

[…] Filed under: Life stuff — sandgroper14 @ 5:57 pm I forgot to give an update on the application for a gravel quarry that was to go close to where we want to build… The Shire received LOTS of objections, with […]

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