A great writer does good!

9 08 2006

Some years ago I had the pleasure of working with Whitney – one of the best writers and editors I know. I had never met her, but we communicated well via email between our respective locations in the USA and Australia. Together we worked on a professional interest group’s newsletter and some articles, and I finally got to meet her at the annual STC Conference in Chicago in 2001. She was even nicer in person than she was in her friendly emails, so it was good to know that my gut feeling about her was right.

Anyhow, Whitney’s gone from being a lone tech writer to being part of a larger team on some important stuff for a military equipment supplier and I’ve followed her career with interest and a little envy! (though I’m not sure I’d want to be writing to MIL standards…) When I was in the US for the 2004 STC Conference, I stayed overnight with her, then we drove to Baltimore and spent a day meandering about that fair city’s harbourfront area prior to the conference. One of her passions is guinea pigs, and at the time she had 3 or 4 of them living with her. Very cute they were too – and surprisingly (for me), not at all smelly.

Despite working in a high-end tech industry, Whitney’s passion for her ‘pigs hasn’t abated, and she’s now involved in a rescue group, as well as writing about them on “Pig Notes” a blog/website she set up.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post… Whitney’s articles on guinea pigs have hit the top 100 articles (#78 as at today) on Squidoo, a website that caters for people and their passions.

Great job Whitney – and well-deserved.



One response

22 08 2006

Y’know…I have no idea how I missed this the last time I was here. I think I got so caught up with the recipe and then the Google/ZoomInfo posts that I didn’t scroll down to see if there were other posts I hadn’t read.

Color me blushing pink, and thank you kindly for the kudos! It’s funny to see you write that you look at my career with a little envy because I look at your career with a LOT of envy and use it as a model for where I’d like to be with my own business.

Both pages (“lenses”) on Squidoo are sitting in the Top 20 for the Kids & Teens category, I’ve been on the top 50 list of authors (“lensmasters”) for the last couple of weeks, and one of the lenses is on the verge of getting into the top 200 (out of 34,000-plus total lenses). I guess what they say (in all those writing books) is true: when you write about what you know and love, you find an audience.

Thanks again, my friend!

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