Way to go, Freo!

19 08 2006

What a game! What a win!

We beat the Saints handsomely – doubled their score, in fact. And what a rush – 39,000 fans (minus a few St Kilda diehards) cheering their team on, chanting “Freeee-O”, and doing the Mexican wave (sort of…). A sea of purple, and such a buzz.

This was their seventh win in a row (another record) and as of right now they are 3rd on the ladder and IN THE FINALS!!! Two more games to go – the Derby against the Eagles, and the final game against Port Adelaide, then the Finals. BRING IT ON!!!!

Is the dream still alive?

19 08 2006

We’ll know in less than 5 hours if the Freo Dockers are *definitely* in the Finals or not. So far, they are but there are three rounds to go, and some unexpected wins by one or two other teams, and losses by Freo could mean that we miss out… again. The past two years it’s gone down to the last game before we knew that we’d missed the finals. Freo only has to win one game of the next three and they’re in – for the second time ever in their history.

So tonight is the first of those final three games of the season. It’s against St Kilda and we have a history of going to the wire with them in the past few games where we’ve met. It’s been raining on and off all day, so the ground will be wet, the ball will be wet, the players will be wet, and the game will probably be low-scoring because of the slippery conditions. Hopefully no-one incurs an injury this close to the Finals, but the conditions are such that it’s quite possible.

Bouncedown is in less than 2 hours, and all will be known in five hours… and with that, I’m outta here! Gotta get to the game to cheer the team on!