The good Dockers came out to play yesterday

24 07 2006

I tossed up whether to go to the footy yesterday. It was another gorgeous winter’s day – sunshine, almost cloudness, warm-ish (compared to Saturday when it was BLOODY COLD) – but Paul wasn’t playing and two of my nieces and nephews weren’t going to go. If Michelle and Craig had pulled out too, I wouldn’t have gone. Going to the game is a shared experience for me; I don’t think I’d enjoy it too much if I was sitting by myself surrounded by 4 empty seats.

So anyhow, I went. And Michelle and Craig turned up. And we had a great time. This time ‘the boys’ played like a team – you could feel their spirit, and the crowd responded in kind. It was a much more up-beat match than the one two weeks ago against Essendon which the Dockers won by 40 points, but which was as flat as a pancake emotionally.

Oh, and the Dockers won too, by about 30 points. So we keep our position in the top 8 with only 6 games to go. ‘Carn the Dockers!



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