Martha used “discombobulate” correctly!

22 07 2006

So, there I was last night, surfing the cable TV channels in the few minutes before turning out the light and drifting off into the Land of Nod… when I stopped in on the “Martha Stewart” show ‘cos she was doing some great stuff with a big old roast turkey. The stuffing looked and sounded sublime and I’ll have to hunt her website for it. (Found it! video here; turkey recipe; fruit and nut stuffing recipe)

Now Martha’s show is not one that I watch – I’ve seen maybe 5 or 10 minutes of her in my entire life. But this turkey roast thing was terrific. She had a guest (one of the guys from “Desperate Housewives”?) and the conversation about the turkey and what they were doing to it was full of double entendres. Martha was getting all flustered and finally said that she was becoming “discombobulated”.

I nearly fell over! It’s not often I’ve heard that word, and usually it’s come from the mouths of software developers. So I was surprised that Martha used it – and correctly too!

I wonder how many of her audience and viewers took a little trip to the dictionary after that episode.

(Oh, and the episode was part of her “30 Things Everyone Should Know” series.)