FNQ: Day 6: Saturday 29 April 2006

29 04 2006

ANOTHER rest day – gee, I could get used to this!

Today we had one activity planned – Dave wanted to try the cable water skiing so he did that and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself, though he was a bit sore afterwards… He probably won't be able to walk tomorrow!

I had a call from the Kuranda Skytrain people and we can't do the train part tomorrow, only the Skyrail as the landslide that has kept the train out of action is still not repaired. At least that saves us $80! So we'll go up to Kuranda and back on the Skyrail.

Today the weather was quite good – and the sea was relatively calm in contrast to how it's been all week. Hopefully it will remain calm for our trip to the reef on Monday.

This afternoon we ventured down to the Surf Lifesaving Club for a bite to eat and to play some more pool. I headed back to the villa at 3:30 as I needed to rehearse my presentation for the conference next week. Also, I have to drive to the airport later on to pick up my sister, her husband, and their little boy – they fly in from Perth for a week (I think).

Update: Picked up the family from the airport in their little car. The brake light continued to go on and off without any logical reason, then when we were heading back to Palm Cove, the horn sounded intermittently. So something's not right with the electrical system in that car. My sister and brother-in-law have just purchased another holiday unit in Palm Cove – this time at the Angsana Spa Resort. It's a penthouse unit, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (3 bed/1 bath upstairs), full kitchen, dining, living etc. And it's VERY nice. Overlooks the ocean across the pool through the palm trees though we couldn't see it as it was dark! They walked me back to where we're staying, then I went out to get pizza. It had been very humid all afternoon – and I soon found out just how humid it was! I got quite wet going down to the pizza place only to find they'd closed the kitchen. Then Jeff went down to the Surf Club to get some beers, and got SOAKED. I think they call this level of humidity "torrential rain"… We eventually got pizzas from Il Forno Italian restaurant – they were good too – and watched some of the West Coast Eagles vs Brisbane football game on TV (the Eagles won).



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