Trying dotting

15 04 2022

I’m trying dot art for the first time. My initial attempt was a few weeks ago, but I’ve learnt a bit more now (thanks YouTube!) and have practised some techniques. Doing these mandalas is very focusing, so it’s good for mental health. I still have to get the paint consistency right, but these were some I did yesterday and today. All are on one half of black card suitable for a greeting card. Some were still wet when I took the photos so the chalk registration marks are still visible—I’ll erase those when the paint dries, and likely add more dots on top of the existing dots. The one with the page fully covered is from earlier in the week, and I added more dots over the other dots, pretty much filling the black card. The hardest thing at the moment is getting that centre dot perfectly lined up. More practice needed there, as the position of the centre dot dictates how accurate the placement of the others dots is. At the moment I’m using mainly the ends of things I already have — various paint brushes, pencil eraser ends, satay sticks, and a set of dotting tools for nail art, which create VERY small dots. I’m waiting on delivery of a range of tools developed just for dotting, in a range of sizes, and I think I’ll mark registration marks on the bigger tools so I can centre more precisely. I’ve also been using some quilting stencils I have to get the shapes 🙂 And I haven’t yet put anything on canvas so it will be interesting to see how prepped canvas takes the acrylic paint compared to the mixed media black card

Update a day later: I’ve added photos of the updated mandalas after adding further dots and erasing the chalk marks, plus another non-mandala—a free-form one that I think of as a cell (it was still very wet when I took the photo, so I may have to go over some of the yellows as they fade into the paper).



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