Gorgeous Melbourne!

7 05 2019

I’m in Melbourne for a conference, and I deliberately came a day early to go see some things.

Melbourne certainly turned on some magical weather today! I put a rain jacket, scarf, and spare leggings in my handbag in anticipation of its reputed ‘four seasons in one day’, and all I experienced was gorgeous autumn sunshine, clear blue skies, and no wind. All the parks are stunningly green (so different from the still yellow/brown of where I am in Western Australia).

By 1pm, I’d already hit 10,000+ steps. First stop was a local cafe for breakfast, then down to the MCG and across the Barak Bridge, along the Yarra River to Federation Square, where I spent most of the next 3 hours. My main reason for going there was to see the Hans and Nora Heysen exhibition at the NGV at Federation Square (the one devoted to Australian art). And it certainly didn’t disappoint — there were hundreds of sketches, watercolours, oil paintings from both father and daughter, including all the really famous ones. And lots of info about them as people and as artists. They were from the Hahdorf area of South Australia where one branch of my family is from, and one of the paintings was of a farm owned by people with the surname the same as some of my ancestors — I wonder if they’re related?

After seeing the Heysens, I walked around the other exhibitions in the gallery (all free; only the Heysen exhibitions had an entry fee [$18]), including the exhibition of Year 12 art. Then I walked back to the hotel, picking up some basic food items at the IGA, and stopping off at Fitzroy Gardens.

I’m resting my weary feet right now, but if this weather holds, I may venture back to Fitzroy Gardens a little later just to let those ancient trees remind me of my place in the world.

The conference starts tomorrow, and so my opportunity to see more of Melbourne will be limited — it’s today and tomorrow morning (when I’m catching up with some friends), and that’s it. Everything else is conference related.





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