QV2018: Day 11: Kamloops to Lake Louise

3 11 2018

Another long travel day today and in some pretty bleak weather — cold, wet, grey, very low cloud/fog — and that’s even before we left Kamloops! That weather continued most of the day but as we got higher into the Rockies, the rain turned to snow at times, and we had the very occasional patch of blue sky. But mostly it was overcast and grey/white. Despite that, we had glimpses of the grandeur of the Rockies all along the way, particularly after Revelstoke, where we stopped for morning coffee. We had another stop for lunch at Golden, then continued higher and higher until we turned off onto the Icefields Parkway and to Bow Lake.

Even though the photos aren’t very clear (most were taken from a moving bus with windows that progressively got grubbier with the slush and that reflected back), the actual glimpses we saw of the mountains were just stunning. Snow decorated the trees and the land — it was just magical. And surprisingly not that cold at Bow Lake where we got out and where some felt tiny snowflakes landing on their face for the first time.

Finally, we were at Lake Louise, our home for the next few nights. I last saw Lake Louise in the summer (32 years ago!), and even though the sky was grey today and there was some wind on the lake so no reflections and no blue/green colour, it was just as stunning in its early winter cloak.

I even got to toast some marshmallows over an open fire! (and found them to be nowhere near as good as they sounded!)

Bow Lake, Alberta, Canada

Bow Lake, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada




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