What a difference a frame makes

6 08 2018

Back in April, I attended a 5-day ‘Empty Spools’ workshop with Cindy Needham, at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California. She’d asked us to bring along a large-print fabric, and she also provided us with plenty to choose from. I chose an odd-shaped scrap piece from my stash and took it with me. Using Cindy’s techniques, I free motion quilted it quite heavily, leaving some of the flower petals unquilted so that they ‘popped’. Here’s a picture of part of the piece — be aware that it was an odd shape, I didn’t quilt it all, and I’ve cropped the photo so it looks complete, but you can see on the far top left of the photo that it’s not all stitched:

A friend of mine saw the picture I posted on Facebook and told me how much she loved it! It was just a practice piece for me, no big deal. But I figured I’d gift it to her if she really wanted it. When I returned to Australia, I trimmed it so that it was rectangular and only the quilted parts were visible, and then I gave it to her. She told me she’d get it framed and hang it in her summer house in Vermont. And she did! And she sent me some pictures of it framed and hanging in a main hallway. The frame and mounting certainly adds to it.



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6 08 2018
Mary Ed Williams

From Australia to a “summer” house in Vermont – wow! Talk about a road trip! Lovely quilting .,.

6 08 2018

More a modest summer cottage! Though it is winterised and she rents it out for 11 months of the year. She’s American by birth, but has lived in Australia for the past 30-something years. A branch of her American family has several cottages in this Vermont location, and she owns one of them.

6 08 2018

You are right! What a difference a frame makes. Absolutely beautiful!!

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