Red, black, and white crazy quilt

31 01 2018

I made this red, black, and white (with splashes of yellow) lap quilt from fat quarters and fabric scraps, using the ‘Not so crazy’ pattern from Four Paws Quilting.

I quilted it with overlapping spirals, using a yellow thread, with a meandering stipple (black thread) in the border. The background fabric is a slightly off-white cotton, with two flashes of yellow.

This quilt is available for sale from my Etsy store:

Threads used:

  • Top: Isacord (trilobal polyester, 40 wt, colour 0600); Fil-Tec Glide ‘Black’ (trilobal polyester, 40 wt, colour 11001)
  • Bottom: Fil-Tec Magna Glide Classic pre-wound bobbin (white)

Pink quilts for donating to the McGrath Foundation

31 01 2018

I’m donating these two pink quilts I made to the McGrath Foundation (for breast cancer). The first one is made from pink scraps I joined together to ‘make’ new fabric.

The second was made from 6 pinkish fat quarters I didn’t particularly like (main top) plus other pink and yellow fabrics for the borders, and a lone deep pink square (my 6 fat quarters only made 47 six-inch blocks, and I needed 48). I made up the pattern — see below for my sketches of how I designed it. These instructions are based on 21 x 22″ fat quarters — you may need an extra one if your fat quarters are a less than this. Cut your fat quarters into long 3.5″ strips. Pick 16 random strips, pair them up on the long edge, stitch each pair together, and press the seam in one direction.  Cross-cut these joined strips every 3.5″ to make 48 blocks of two squares each. Cut 48 6.5 x 3.5″ strips from the remaining fabric. Join a 6.5″ long strip to the side of a 2-square strip. For a random pattern, mix up the fabrics you join, and when you put the block together add a 6.5 x 3.5″ strip from another fabric.

I have previously donated three other pink quilts to the McGrath Foundation — two small rail fence quilts, and a big one made from a jelly roll of pink batiks.