Busy as a beaver

23 12 2017

The first two weeks of December were super busy. In addition to my normal work, these things happened — some planned, some not — many of which required tradies in and out of the house:

  • two weekends away (Albany, Busselton)
  • leak from HWS tank (fixed under warranty)
  • air con balance FINALLY fixed (it took 2 years and multiple visits to find the problem!; under warranty)
  • extractor fan motor in rangehood died; replaced
  • plumber to find out why no water was getting to the shed (retic guys had switched something they shouldn’t have when they were here in Nov)
  • alarm guy to install 3G to connect to the monitoring centre instead of landline (NBN means no landline extensions)
  • data cabler to install extra data points, check/terminate extension phone lines in prep for NBN, and install mobile phone signal booster
  • new modem configuration for NBN (and a new USB/ethernet adaptor ‘cos recent laptops don’t have LAN connections)
  • removal and relocation of all visible extension phone lines connecting the multifunction printer/fax, landline, etc. (involved lots of work behind fixed cabinets and on the floor on my back with a headlamp to find and remove/relocate the phone cables)
  • issues with PCs (independent of NBN)
  • NBN switchover
  • roof vents installed (and other work by handyman)
  • the yellow toner in the laser printer blew out, spewing yellow powder inside the printer
  • bought a new car (Mazda CX-5) to replace DH’s 20 y.o. Mazda 626, so that’s been a steep learning curve too — there have been a LOT of technological advances in cars in the past 20 years!
  • booked flights and initial other travel stuff for a trip to the US for a conference and tour next Oct/Nov
  • negotiated renewal of current contract plus a new contract with another company (subsea pipeline engineering).