QV2016: Day 16: Houston International Quilt Festival

4 11 2016

Another all-day class for me today — Painting with Tsukineko Inks, with Judy Coates Perez teaching. She’s a lovely lady, a good teacher, and we got good value for money for our Materials Fee (a set of 12 inks and applicators, fabric, and other goodies). I learned quite a bit, including the use of aloe gel as a medium for painting with these inks using brushes. I wonder who figured out that aloe gel would work so well?

Would I use these techniques again? Very likely, but not often. They are very time consuming.

Below are some photos of the work Judy and daughter have done using the techniques she taught us.








And here are my efforts — The first photo is from the morning where we learned to use the applicator and lend colours; the second is from the afternoon when we applied the inks and aloe gel with paint brushes. I was quite pleased with the passion flower from the afternoon; the leaves? not so much…



Tonight I leave the hotel for the first time to have dinner at a local restaurant with an Australian guy I used to work with in Perth, and his wife.



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4 11 2016
Kim Perez

Your passion flower AND your leaves are wonderful!! Be kind to yourself! 🙂

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