QV2016: Day 15: Houston International Quilt Festival

4 11 2016

Our first full day in Houston! First up for me was an all-day class. The least said about it the better, but suffice to say I lodged a formal complaint with the Festival’s Education Office the next morning.

At lunchtime, I caught up with Kim, the owner of Quilting Adventures in Texas, and we shared stories for two very short hours (all-day classes get a two-hour lunch). No margaritas were consumed!

At 5pm the preview night opened for class attendees — this allowed us two hours of unfettered access to the quilt exhibition and the vendor mall. Both are HUGE. After two hours, the public could gain access.

It took me four hours of quick walking to cover the entire area (the total area of the three exhibit halls is some 82,000 square metres), take some 250 photos of just a few of the amazing quilts, and buy most of the things on my list (it was a short list!). My feet and back were done by then, so I crashed in my room — too tired to write this blog post and to process the photos. Later…



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