QV2016: Day 8: Kingston, NY to Lancaster, PA

27 10 2016

A long day on the road today, broken up by a stop at a tiny town (Pine Bush, NY) to visit their local quilt store and inject some dollars into their community. The store owners opened up early for us, we were done in 45 mins, and probably added several hundred or thousand dollars to their coffers for the day! I spent $30 and many spent much more.

It was a gorgeous day and the country vistas and Fall colours were lovely. Many of us sewed hexies or knitted or just chatted on the drive south. We arrived at the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA about 1:30 and had two hours there. During that time, some of us went on a horse and buggy ride with the amiable Amos, others had lunch, others bought goods and produce from the mostly Amish-operated stores, etc.

One of the stores sold cheeses and cured meats in all sorts of varieties, and had tasting trays for almost everything. They also had tasting trays of chili sauces, two of which were labelled ‘Hot’. Well, that was the understatement of the year!!! The first I tried was a ghost pepper chili sauce — wooooeeee! About an hour later I tried the ‘Sphincter Shrinker’, which set the end of my tongue on fire for quite a while. The best cure for the heat was walking over to the jams and preserves shop and tasting many of the goodies for sale there 😉

After our time at the Kitchen Kettle stores, we had enough daylight to visit a local covered bridge, which caused much excitement, especially when we waited for a buggy to pass and a car drove the other way — with a mini horse or Shetland Pony in the back seat!!!!

Out final destination today was Lancaster, PA, where we’ll spend 3 nights.

A few photos from today:









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27 10 2016

Love that area!!!! Been there both in the car and on motorcycles. Awesome friendly ppl!!!!!! (amazing food!!!!!)

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