Upstate New York

17 10 2016

Today’s drive was from Erie, PA (where I stayed overnight) to the Rochester, NY area. I then spent a few hours catching up with a friend over lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Erie Canal. It was a really warm day (~79F) for this time of year, so we sat outside to take advantage of the weather. Oh, and we visited a Wegmans — OMG!!!!!

Along the drive, I noticed the Fall colours are really patchy — some spots are full on with the reds, oranges and yellows, while others are still mostly green.

The final stop of the day was at the outlet mall not far from Rochester, where I stocked up on undies (I can’t get them in Australia, and it’s too expensive to buy them at normal price and have them shipped), and a few things for my DH. I was going to head towards Albany tomorrow, but my friend there now has a work commitment he needs to deal with, so I’ll head towards the Adirondacks and Vermont instead.

Here are a just a few photos from today:







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