Productive weekend

5 07 2016

This weekend just gone was my annual quilting retreat with four friends. I’ll post about our challenge pieces and our weekend later, but for now, I want to share the 13 (yes, 13!!) quilt tops I made between Thursday night and Monday morning. All were small — from humidicrib to cot to lap size quilts. I didn’t use a pattern for any of them — just made them up in my head. Some were based on quilts I’d made previously, but none of them was too complicated. All used strips of fabric (various widths) cut from fat quarters, fat eighths, or from a box of scrap fabrics. This was a great way to use up odd strips of fabric!

I took about 30 fat quarters with me (grey, blue, green, and yellow shades), but used up most of those in the first two days. For the rest of the tops, I used fabrics from the ‘community quilts’ fabric stash my friend Bobbie had in her house that she uses with her group of quilters. The quilts made from these fabrics will be returned to the Community Quilts program for batting, backing, quilting, and binding and then for distribution to charities. I’m not sure about the ones made from my own fabric — once I finish them, I might put some on Etsy to sell or hold on to them as future gifts for people, or possibly donate them to the Community Quilts program.

Here are the 7 quilt tops made from my fabrics. My favourites are the grey ones with the splashes of red or orange. The yellow one is MUCH brighter than the photo shows.


Size: 33 x 34 inches (84 x 86 cm)


Size: 32 x 43 inches (81 x 109 cm)


Size: 36 x 49 inches (91 x 125 cm)


Size: 37 x 43 inches (94 x 109 cm)


Size: 37 x 43 inches (94 x 109 cm)


Size: 38 x 47 inches (96 x 120 cm)


Size: 39 x 52 inches (99 x 132 cm)

Here are the 6 quilt tops made from the Community Quilts fabrics (the green one is actually quite dark – unfortunately, the flash overexposed it)


Size: 38 x 62 inches (96 x 157 cm)


Size: 44 x 51 inches (111 x 130 cm)


Size: 22 x 28 inches (56 x 71 cm)


Size: 27 x 27 inches (69 x 69 cm)


Size: 23 x 23 inches (58 x 58 cm)


Size: 38 x 46 inches (96 x 117 cm)