Batting sides

16 04 2016

In case you weren’t aware, batting has a back and front (thanks to Pam Holland for teaching this to us at Empty Spools a couple of years ago).

I came up with a way to remember which way it goes: Dimples are on the face, and knobbly bits are on the bottom (interpret that whichever way you want!).

So, the dimple side faces the top and the knobbly side faces the bottom. Easy peasy!

(The reason why you put batting in the ‘right’ way is that it’s designed for the needle to punch down through the dimples, in line with how the needles punched the batting when it was made. If you have the batting in the ‘wrong’ way (knobbly bits facing up), then the needle struggles harder to push through the batting and may bring back up bits of batting with it.)

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4 responses

16 04 2016
Mary Ed Williams

Why does it matter which way the batting is put in the quilt?
Thanks for all of your pictures of your quilts!

17 04 2016

Hi Mary

Answer now in the blog post above 😉


17 04 2016
Mary Ed Williams

Thank you! I never knew that, but I will be aware now.

17 04 2016
Lynne Stucke

Interesting! I never knew that! Thank you for sharing!!!

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