Easy cathedral windows for hexagons

4 08 2015

I modified my method for quilting easy cathedral windows (suitable for squares, rectangles, or grids) to work with hexagons (see Community Quilt 220).

The photo below shows the stitching order — the red lines (1 to 13) show the first row of stitching, where you start with one of the vertical arcs near the adjoining seam, then do two arcing hops followed by a completed arc up (or down, as in the photo) the seam, followed by two more arcs, then a vertical one and so on until the end. Then come back along the other edge with more arc hops all the way back to the beginning (the purple lines numbered 14 to 19). (Note: If you’re doing a complete circle of hexagons like I was in Community Quilt 220, then numbers 14 to 19 will go in the other direction to complete the ‘loop’.)






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4 08 2015
Community Quilt 220 | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] eventually decided on my easy cathedral window motif, which I adapted for hexagons — do two arcs to hop from corner to corner for two sides inside a hexagon, then arc up (or […]

4 08 2015

Love this look!!!! Thanks for sharing. 😉

21 08 2015
Dawn C.

Great diagram. Wish I had u computer skills.

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