Quilting Adventures 2015: Day 1

10 03 2015

I spent last night working on homework!

Day 1 of Quilting Adventures (in New Braunfels, Texas) with Kerby and Lura Schwarz Smith was in the classroom at our laptops learning photo manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Why? Because it rained and rained and rained almost the entire day here in Texas Hill Country. We might get out and about today to take photos if the rain abates. But yesterday and last night was all about prepping our existing photos ready for printing on fabric.

The printer Kerby is using is fantastic — he printed our binder cover pages yesterday after we’d manipulated our photos, and, with the combination of the inks, the paper, and the printer, they turned out brilliantly — see below for mine. (For the techies, the printer he used was an Epson R3000, with Ultra Premium ??? Matte paper. Out of my price range at nearly $1400 for the printer in Australia and inkjet cartridges at $50 each [NINE cartridges].) The results were great, but you’d have to be doing a lot of photographic printing on paper or fabric to justify that sort of cost. US price is about $700 for the printer… yes, Australians get price gouged, again…)

As so much work was done on the computer, the only photo I have to share is the cover page I created from a photo I took of a protea in my garden. It’s significantly reduced in size — the original is 31 MB TIFF; this one is reduced to 25% size, saved as a PNG, and is just under 1 MB (click it to view it larger).


Only in Texas…

Needed to share this quirky ‘only in Texas’ moment. When I arrived at the venue and checked into my room, I found this ‘Texas star’ in the bathroom 😉 The rooms here are all decorated in a rustic Texas theme and the Texas star is everywhere. But in the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never before seen a gold star on the loo paper 😉




2 responses

11 03 2015

Yup, Texans canNOT be outdone with their state/’stars’!!! Even the hotel waffles are in the shape of the state!!!! Gorgeous photo!!!

23 03 2015
Dawn C.

That was a gorgeous flower! Have fun in Texas.

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