First Class from SYD to DFW

7 03 2015

The flight was long (it always is) but totally uneventful. Not a spot of turbulence for 14.5 hours (yes,  we had a great tailwind!). The Qantas First Class experience was exactly that – first class. But then with 3 flight attendants to look after 14 people,  and two loos just for us,  you’d expect that.

I haven’t processed all my photos yet,  but here’s a taste of the suite and the food. The photo of the plane is of another A380 that left a few hours before ours did.

P1030324 P1030336 P1030335 P1030368 P1030371 P1030372



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7 03 2015
Mary Ed Williams

You do know that you are forever spoiled! What a wonderful experience. Do you also get first class on the flight home?

7 03 2015

I’ve requested a points upgrade, but won’t know until at least a day or two before I leave, and possibly at the gate. If I haven’t got it the day before and there’s no point at the gate, it won’t happen. It’s a lottery!

7 03 2015

Wow!!!! Enjoy!!!!! AND share every detail with us all!!!! Puh——leeze…….

25 03 2015
Qantas First Class – the second time! | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] Fort Worth. Woohoo! I’ve travelled First Class between Australia and the US just once before (last March ), but that notification only came at the gate as I was boarding. This time I knew in advance, so […]

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