In light of SkyMall folding…

27 01 2015

For those of you who have never travelled on a domestic flight in the US, there’s a magazine in the seat pocket of most planes called SkyMall. Well, an announcement was made last week that SkyMall was filing for bankruptcy.

So what was SkyMall? Basically a mail-order shopping catalogue of cheap (and not so cheap), tacky, crud that most people most of the time would never use. But it was always worth a chuckle while waiting for the plane to take off, or while in the air.

I was going through some photos recently, and was reminded of SkyMall because I took a photo of this page on my last trip to the US around mid-October (i.e. just before Halloween). It’s an example of all that was tacky about SkyMall 😉 A remote-controlled tarantula. Yea, just what I need… NOT!




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