The warmth of a human body

9 01 2015

I had to go in for a minor medical procedure today — just some tests that required a local anaesthetic to the region, a small nick and then the taking of a couple of tissue samples. The room had a nurse, the doctor who performed the procedure, and a sonographer who manipulated┬áthe ultrasound thingummy so the doctor could tell where to take the samples from. The procedure itself was painless, but it was a bit scary lying there by myself while all these things were happening around me. Sure, they told me every step of the way what would happen and when, but still… it’s not the most pleasant situation to be in.

What was a comfort, however, was the close presence of the sonographer who had to stand on one side of me while leaning over to manipulate the ultrasound for the doctor. The warmth of that human body was incredibly comforting and helped me relax.

I have no idea who she was, but just that touch and her warmth soothed me. At the end of the procedure, I mentioned to all three women in the room how comforting that was.

I hope medical professionals┬ádon’t shy away from such contact in the future for fear of litigation or accusations of inappropriate touching. It was amazing how calm an inadvertent touch such as this made me feel. I can now see why it’s so important to touch the hands or body of someone who is dying.

(Update: Results are all clear!!)