Taos and southern Colorado

6 11 2014

After two nights in a small luxury hotel  in Santa Fe,  we were brought down to a thud when we reached our accommodation in southern Colorado 😉 It is spartan by comparison, but I think we’re probably staying in the best place in town… We don’t have a lot of choice here – we need to be close to where we are doing a one-day class tomorrow and this is the closest town.

After we left Santa Fe this morning we travelled to Taos and then out to the Taos Pueblo,  which is a listed living world heritage site,  as it has been inhabited by the Red Willow tribe for more than 1000 years. Interesting place,  and our guide (Kevin) was a wealth of information.

We were there for an hour or so,  then back into Taos for another two hours of shopping,  sightseeing,  eating lunch etc. My first stop was right where the bus stopped  and was a great store that sold rocks,  things made from rocks,  and things found in rocks (e.g. fossils). There were some very beautiful rocks on display. The store was http://www.touchstonegalleries.com

I went into quite a few other stores as well, but to be honest,  nothing interested me enough to  buy.

Back on the road again,  heading north of Taos and towards and over the Colorado border into southern Colorado, where we are staying for a couple of nights as we will be doing a workshop with a world-famous quilter here  (that’s tomorrow).

It was a magic day today.  The sun was shining and the temperature was mild (it was meant to be 16C in Taos today,  and it was 9C (and quite hot) when I was basking in the sun in just a T-shirt and light trousers while having lunch. And just after we checked into the hotel,  the almost full moon rose over the desert fields opposite.


Rio Grande River


Taos Pueblo









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6 11 2014

Gorgeous, Rhonda!!! Am following your trek with much interest!! This area is so beautiful!!!! AND loaded with many artists/artisans!!!!!

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