Roll-on deodorant in checked baggage

4 11 2014

Earlier this year and today I’ve had two incidents with roll-on deodorant that was in my checked and hand luggage. Both resulted in a mess on the bathroom floor and /or  the sink.

I think what happens is that the pressure in the hold or the cabin causes the roll-on ball to pop out of its enclosure,  so when you remove the top,  the ball goes flying onto the floor and the goopy deodorant sprays into the sink and/or the floor.

The first time it happened was in the showers in the Qantas lounge,  so I wasn’t going to rescue the ball from that floor.  The second time was in the hotel where I’m currently staying,  but this time I rescued the ball before it hit the ground,  however not before quite a lot of product went flying.

So if you’re traveling with roll-on deodorant,  be careful when opening it after landing in case it goes everywhere.



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4 11 2014

Thanks for the warning!!!!!

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